Press Release
July 8, 2022

Announcement of ‘Al Falasteniyeh’;  an Independent Palestinian and Arab media network 

New York, USA – Today, ‘Al Falasteniyeh’ announced its plan to begin broadcasting multimedia content on several online platforms on October 29, 2022. The network stated its goal is to report and produce programming on all matters relating to Palestine and the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine and around the globe for return and liberation. 

Executive Director and Creative Director Rumzi Taji Farooqi states, “We wish to develop a contemporary and forward looking media network that uplifts the voices of Palestinians in the world today. Our mission is to inform the world of the vast plurality of our identity, to share the richness of our past, to highlight the ever present realities of struggle for freedom, and to imagine and actively participate in the building of our future.” 

Al-Falasteniyeh will be broadcasting in both the English and Arabic languages and is supported by a staff of bilingual journalists, analysts, creatives, and writers in Palestine, throughout the Arab world, and all over the globe. Al Farooqi states, “We are also an independent Arab network and a network that will serve the popular classes of people of the world.”

Some of the declared core values of the network include: Preservation, Contemporism, Futurism, Truth, Integrity, Plurality and Diversity, and Independence and Secularism. 

The network has released a promotional video on its website and social media accounts and the date of July 8, 2022 was chosen for its special significance. In the video a voice over declares: “On the 50th anniversary of  the assassination Ghassan Kanafani, in honor of his legacy, and in honor of all Palestinians and Arabs who have sacrificed so much to tell our stories, we announce; Al Falasteniyeh Media Network”. 

In the weeks and months between now and October 29th they plan to release more videos and articles leading up to its first live feed scheduled to broadcast from the “March for Liberation and Return in Brussels” and other locations. 

For information and inquiries contact:


Instagram: @alfalasteniyeh

Instagram: @alfalasteniyeh.arabic

Twitter: @alfalasteniyeh